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Eliot's banking experience emanates from working in the UK and overseas. He is well skilled in executive, managerial, operational and marketing functions. Eliot possesses motivational and highly tuned presentational skills, and emphasises the detailed organisational business needs to clients, together with a strong social and moral code of conduct.


He has spoken at banking conferences on various payments and cash management topics, and written articles on the same. Eliot has also been interviewed by a number of financial publications on key industry initiatives.

Eliot’s most recent role has been as Chief Executive Officer for a United Nations affiliated charity. The key focus was on the provision of social care to the individual, the family and wider community through vocational and day care support, education, and rehabilitation.

During his career Eliot has undertaken many public speaking engagements in the commercial, banking and “not-for profit” sectors. Most recently he has steered Parthenon Communications towards key topics of interest within the domestic and international current affairs arena, focusing on; social, ethical behaviour in private and professional life, and economic affairs; and the importance of the Nation State as the core fabric of society.

His speaking portfolio has further involved presentations to various public and industry audiences on behalf of commercial and not-for-profit organisations, whom wish to promote and market their products and services domestically and internationally.

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