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 The Consultancy covers the following not-for-profit areas:

  • Identifies ways to enhance the operational management of the organisation; resulting in a clearer internal communication of objectives, a heightened strategic approach, and better focus from a re-motivated team

  • Advises on key business development initiatives through the deployment of specified “Change Management” processes, and the introduction of strategic approaches to grow revenue

  • Advises on working closely with a range of key stakeholders to re-structure a management and leadership team through a “Direct Business Line Reporting Structure” in accordance with the Board’s strategic objectives


  • Reviews all management information for each class of stakeholder. The aim is to yield significant improvements in management control, and oversee costs and budgets through a more focused approach

  • Advises on all compliance and risk needs, ensuring the required regulatory processes are in place​

  • Introduces new strategic approaches encompassing all aspects of staffing, internal policy, reputational and operational risk, transaction processing, external profile and image, fundraising needs, and communications

  • Encourages the “Next Generation” of donors and supporters through agreed initiatives to meet the charity’s aspirations according to Board policy

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