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Parthenon Communications provides presentations to various public and industry audiences on behalf of independent commercial and not-for-profit organisations, whom wish to promote and market their products and services domestically and internationally. Please contact us to discuss in detail your exact requirements as regards market needs and strategic objectives.


​Parthenon Communications undertakes public speaking on domestic and international current affairs focusing on; social and ethical issues in the professional work place, and economic matters. This includes acceptable etiquette and social behaviour. The aim is to offer a series of social guidelines, which when utilised enables society to achieve economic and cultural advancement, and greater success. The Consultancy’s research shows that these guidelines very often lead to better social behaviour and improved social cohesion, resulting in a happier and more contented society. 


Further evidence has shown that with society’s greater contentment comes greater success. A more contented and successful workforce allows for an improved economy; and an improved economy, means an enhanced and better-off country. From this work the Consultancy concludes that individual members of society find their contentment, and their mental and physical well-being is linked to, and is a catalyst for, a more productive society, both socially and economically.

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Always pleased to meet and discuss your business requirements. 

Recent presentations and panel sessions:

  • On behalf of the Chairman’s Network Group a presentation given at Investec plc in the City of London entitled: “A Purpose with an Economic Future, and an Economic Future with a Purpose; the Ramifications on the Nation-State” ​

  • Chaired the Bank of New York Mellon Treasury Services “Thought Leadership Seminar” held in London; together with presentation given, and entitled: “Strategic Partnerships in Evolving Markets”

  • Article entitled: “When it comes to the Crunch? What are the drivers of the US Banking Crisis?” Appeared in Accounting Forum (Volume 33, Issue 2, June 2009). Based on Lecture given at The University of Hertfordshire Business School as shown below

  • Lecture given at The University of Hertfordshire Business School entitled: “The Impact of Disintermediation, Outsourcing, and Institutional Risk on Today’s Global Banking Value Chain”

  • On behalf of the Bank of New York Mellon Treasury Services London, a presentation given at the 8th Annual Trade & Supply Chain Solutions Conference entitled: “Partnering for Success”

  • Guest speaker at the Euro-Finance Working Capital Management Forum London, and presentation given, entitled: “Streamlining the Financial Supply Chain”

  • Press interviews with The Financial Times, the Banker, and Banking Technology on: “E-Payments, Payments Simplicity, and Outsourcing”

  • Chaired The Informa Group’s International Corporate Payments Conference London, and presentation given entitled: “Straight Through Processing" (STP)

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